To Buy or Not To Buy Over the Net

The Bridal Boutique strongly recommends that you do not buy your gown and bridal party attire over the internet.  We know that it's tempting and that there seems to be an opportunity to save a boat load of $$$, but we've heard horror stories... we don't mean to lecture - just looking out for our brides :)

Here is an email we recently received from one of our brides  (shared with her permission) which was an awful experience for her, but hopefully will save future brides from a lot of grief:

"hi Cecilia and Joyce-

My name is  _____ and I have purchased my wedding gown from you; I think I have my fitting this upcoming Saturday. However, I was hoping you could also help me with something else. I recently received the bridesmaid dresses I ordered on-line. To my horror they are nothing like the original one I ordered many months ago. I have made a claim with my credit card company in an effort to get my money back for the dresses as they were not delivered as described. For example, they were supposed to be brown, satin, knee length dresses. One is mauve color, one is floor length and the other was custom made to fit my 5'1" 105 lb friend and it fits me.

Fortunately, I have been able to find dresses off the rack at Macy's since I know there is no longer time to order any. The credit card company said I have a good case but it would be made stronger if I found a reputable seamstress/ people who work with fabric to support my claim by writing a short description of what was received as opposed to what was ordered. I was hoping if I bring in the dresses to show you that you might be able to help?

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you Saturday,  _____ "

This is the most important dress you will ever buy. Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk. The internet is a great place to narrow down styles before you visit a store. But when it comes time to purchase, it has been proven time and time again that the best place to buy is a full service bridal store where you can see, feel and try on the dress before you make a commitment.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and...  Happy shopping!