Boutique Services

  Yee Mei Demello

  Yee Mei Demello

Alteration Servicesby appointment only
Our seamstress, Yee Mei, and her team are known for their impeccable work and exceptional craftsmanship. Alteration fee not included with gown purchase. We also do alterations on garments purchased elsewhere. Click here for Price List.

Forms of payment accepted for alteration services: 
Checks are made payable to YEE MEI HO.

Pressing & Steaming Services
Free with purchase. We will ensure that your gown and your bridal party's attire is wrinkle-free on pick up.

Finishing services available on garments purchased elsewhere
Bridal:  $75 - $150 depending on type of fabric, number of layers, and complexity of garment.

Bridesmaid/Mother's/Flower Girl:  $25 - $50. 

Men's tuxedos/suits:  $35 - $50. Shirts only: $15.

$10 (free with purchase).  Need to be sized up?  We can properly take the needed body measurements to order your dress or tuxedo/suit.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation Service
$275. A special cleaning and packaging technique will be used to ensure your gown retains its beauty. It will be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in a museum-quality archival box. Service is provided locally. Turn around time: approx. 4 weeks.

Tuxedo Rentals

$165 - $215

We proudly offer & provide Bon Jons tuxedos and suits.

A FREE groom's tuxedo included with six or more rentals.

Dressing Service

$100 - $200

We will travel to your location and assist you with lacing your corset back dress properly on your wedding day.

Available only on Oahu

Gown Storage - $25/mo

Free (included with purchase)

$25 per month for garments purchased elsewhere.


Delivery Service  $75 and up depending on location. Oahu only.

One-way delivery $50 and up.